In Which I Spill NM’s Pie Secret

People, I was at nm’s house this afternoon watching her make pie crusts WITHOUT A FORK!!!!!! I think I literally stood there slack-jawed.

If I were not forbidden from making my world famous apple pie* for Thanksgiving, I would have totally come home and tried making pie crusts nm’s way.

She mixed it with her hands. Then she smooshed it with the heel of her palm.



*Some people I am related to are giant babies about tart apple pies. But I ask you, world, if you don’t fill your pie with tart apples, a.) aren’t you just eating not-quite-done apple sauce and b.) don’t you need the tart to pair with the sweet of a good vanilla ice cream, which you scoop over the hot pie? I shake my head at the babies in my family.


5 thoughts on “In Which I Spill NM’s Pie Secret

  1. I smoosh the edges with my fingers — I’m too lazy to get out a fork.

    And I’m totally in favor of using the tartest apples possible.

  2. Three pies, one batch of Parker House rolls, one batch of cranberry sauce, and one dinner later, I am bushed. I was planning on toasting the bread for my stuffing tonight, but have decided to push it off until tomorrow.

    And, BTW, that’s not my pie secret, it’s Julia Childs’s. I use USian ingredients like Crisco while following her directions for making a crust for quiche.

    And, B, I think you should make the forbidden pie* anyway. Don’t deprive yourself just because your family aren’t gastronomes.

    *you could call it the lambappleda

  3. …there’s another kind of proper apple pie besides “tart”? But then, I am from the family that loves rhubarb, too. Tart(s) R Us.

  4. Yep, I am all about the finger smooshing pie crust and tart apple pies. However, this year I had the taste for pumpkin and we already had a carrot cake made, so I thought three different desserts for three people was excessive. I’ll make the apple pie over the weekend when everyone will be ready to appreciate how good it is.

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