9 thoughts on “thanks9

  1. The cat without a name… Sweet Potato, Turkey, Pumpkin… Ooo Pumpkin is nice… No, don’t name an animal you’re not going to keep!

    The visitor eats some lunch.

  2. As I was falling asleep last night the new cat entered my thoughts. I worried a little that, come June, the name “Gravy Boat” would seem odd and not have a great nickname. Although, that could be the cat’s code name here, if the new cat doesn’t last forever.

    Anyhow, I was thinking maybe “Pilgrim” might make for a good name. Seems like it is descriptive of the holiday and the cat’s arrival. And then you can use it in a John Wayne voice (that was him, right?) once in a while, or the Butcher can.

  3. I’ve been calling it/her/it (we really need to take it to the vet and get that nailed down) Pumpkin. She/it seems to not care one way or another.

    I like here how easy it would be to imagine her as a Chinese dragon.

  4. Pumpkin works too.
    And that’s what it is, Chinese dragon. I hadn’t placed it yet but that’s the feeling.

  5. But we’ve been calling her Pumpkin! Think of the awesomeness. Her name is Pumpkin Pie Phillips. I want that to be my name; it’s so cool.

    And we’ve made the vet appointment at the Joelton vet. If I like her, I may switch all the animals to her. The Butcher is charged with wrangling her and putting her in the bathroom, so that I can wrangle her into a carrier after work and run her up there.

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