6 thoughts on “Did the KKK Just Send Out a Press Release About Me?

  1. Because god knows that spray painting public outbuildings is really damaging to their otherwise sterling rep.

  2. I am not sure which is more priceless – that they don’t like late night pranks or that they hope people will do something constructive. Seeing as they are such a source of constructive behavior…

  3. With gas at $2.50 per gallon, it seems a can of spray paint is more affordable than the wood, gas and matches for a cross.

    But it seems unlikely that someone read you post to them. Unless a member saw ‘Tiny Cat Pants’ and thought it was a boutique for pets. Since no respecting Klansman (Klanperson?) would be caugt dead in a boutique, on-line shopping would be necessary. Imagine their disappointment.

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