Fox Ran Out on a Chilly Night and Prayed to the Moon for to Give Him Light

In my head, these two things are connected–“The Fox” by the Waco Brothers, which you can find on this awesome CD (Let me tell you, if you have kids and need music that won’t drive you to drink while you’re driving them around in the car, this CD will be your salvation. And “The Fox” is probably the best song on the album.), and this rumination on the moon, which kind of tugged at my heart.

10 thoughts on “Fox Ran Out on a Chilly Night and Prayed to the Moon for to Give Him Light

  1. I don’t know if this link will work, but you can try listening to it here.

    Actually I got that link by just googling “Nickel Creek The Fox” and that was the first link. so it the link doesn’t work, you could check it out that way.

  2. No, we spend our time in Girl Scouts signing about that girl with two teeth on the top of her head, one pointed north and the other pointed west and playing Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board.

    I would have loved to sing about Mrs. Flipper Flopper, too.

  3. Luuuuucky. My dad brought us the coolest rope and, if I can’t train it to rise up out of a basket at my bidding, I want to make a tire swing with it, but I don’t know any good knots.

    I might have to ask you for help.

  4. Better yet, you can tie people up if they show tendencies of wanting to leave the room when you launch into the umpteenth iteration of “the little ones chewed on the bones-o”.

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