On a Lighter Note, I Have Some Questions

Look here (I think this is SFW, but it may cause you to look perplexed all day).

1. Is it weird that a werewolf doesn’t at least have arm pit hair?

2. He looks like he’s 14, right?

3. Is that a weird, subliminal face in the tree right over his shoulder?

4. Speaking of subliminal, “My crotch is the open, moonlit road?” WTF?

5 thoughts on “On a Lighter Note, I Have Some Questions

  1. It’s a testament to how horrible the first Twilight movie was (no I haven’t read the books nor do I plan on it) that that poster doesn’t send me rushing off to buy tickets.

    but 1) I’m not sure that body hair in human form is related to body hair in wolf form for werewolves. and 2) I’ve never seen a 14 year old with a chest like that…. 3) I kinda see it and 4) I don’t think they need to be subliminal about what they’re trying to sell with this poster!

  2. Ha, well, then, I’ve shared the best parts with you for free! I admit to just being baffled by the whole Twilight phenomenon. I haven’t read the books nor watched the movies, but I can tell you just by looking at the posters, that this dude should be the guy she ends up with and yet she’s going to choose the guy who stalks her.

  3. Just to be fair… this one also stalks her a bit but he also plays mind games with her. No one in this saga is really healthy.

  4. She apparently doesn’t really need to go to college because she is The Shit and knows everything already. And is the most beautiful girl EVER. And everyone wants to be her friend and buy her things and all the guys fight over who takes her to prom and all the girls refuse to buy their prom dresses unless she can approve of them first. And she wins all the prizes for knowing the answers in class.

    Who needs college when you’re Mary Sue, anyway?

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