The New Cat, an Update

So, while everyone else was learning this crazy cruise news, I was busy taking the new cat to the vet. Here’s what I learned. Pumpkin (who will need a pseudonym) is probably two years old. She is free of feline leukemia and fHIV. She doesn’t seem to even have worms. She’s missing the very tip of one ear, but it looks to be healing up nicely. And she’s way too thin, but the vet thinks she’ll fill out nicely. She is probably pregnant, but we’re spaying her tomorrow. I was concerned they’d think I was an asshole, but they thought it was for the best, not only because the world has enough cats looking for good homes, but also because a pregnancy would be very hard on her, considering how malnourished she is.

They could not get over how sweet she is. And I admit to being completely tickled, too, by how friendly and laid back she is. Even when the pit/lab mix “Crank Bait” (actual name) was sniffing at the carrier, Pumpkin just sat there like, “Eh, okay.” And she willingly ate her worm medicine.

So, the Butcher will go pick her up on Wednesday and then we’ll work on integrating her into the household.

One thought on “The New Cat, an Update

  1. I’m sorry I keep commenting on your cat posts, but I just think it is so sweet that you’ve adopted her. I have a soft spot in my heart for cats and love to hear happy stories like this of them finding homes with people who will take good care of them and love them.

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