Um, So, Folks Weren’t Kidding About This

I just got an email from Jim Ridley asking what they could do to help me win a cruise and I was all “A cruise? What?” And then I remembered that this came up on Twitter. And it seems that someone mentioning it on Twitter was enough to put me at 13th place.

I don’t know what this means other than that the online community in Nashville is fucking awesome.

And that I should maybe be a little more proactive about asking people to vote.

So, here’s the deal. First, it is highly unlikely that I’m going to win. Fucking Digby is on the list, people. Not to mention Markos Moulitsas. Digby deserves to go just as a matter of course (as does Pam Spaulding, Christ) and Markos has a little thing called “Daily Kos.” I write about my cooter and yell at our Democrats for not being good enough and yell at Kos for yelling at our Democrats. It’s a circle of stupidity and yelling. Much like Thanksgiving at the Phillips household. And even if Mike Turner had every firefighter in the state vote for me, it’s still not going to trump Kos’s numbers.

Still, I think it would be fun to go and, if I do, I swear to you right now, I will make a complete and blubbering ass of myself over Rachel Maddow. Do you think any of the other folks on that list are going to promise their readers that they will go total fan-girl on Rachel Maddow? I don’t think so.

I mean, four thousand entries and I made it to 13? How could a girl not die of delight over that?

So, if y’all would head over there and vote for me, I promise smooches for everyone!

11 thoughts on “Um, So, Folks Weren’t Kidding About This

  1. I’ll vote for you. Not just because you’re my friend, but also because you truly are the best representation of Progressive blogging.

    I say that as a libertarian who doesn’t feel like i’m interrupting choir practice when I visit here. Who feels like I’m reading a human being who is more than just a political animal.

    I’ve visited most of the other blogs up for the contest. This is the only one I come back to regularly. Again, not just because you’re my friend but also because you bring a much-needed degree of humanity to political blogging.

    We don’t agree on a lot of things but I get the feeling when I read you that it doesn’t matter and that community comes first. I don’t often get that feeling from most Progessive blogs.

    And I say all of this so that other Progressive bloggers might realise that if they’re in the business of making points then they’d do better to take a leaf out of your book and be less…strident? Intense? Clubhouse-y? I’m not sure.

    I just know this alchemy you’ve got here works.

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  3. Ya know, B, you need to put that click-through button at the top of a sidebar, maybe over the Recent Comments, so people will find it easily.

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