Things to Delight Your Eyes

1. Before reading the rest of this paragraph, I ask you to go look at this photo. Cool, huh? Now, let me ask you a question about said photo. Is that horse drinking a beer?

2. Every once in a while Mary Mancini will post something from the Smithville Review to Twitter (@marymancini, if you want to follow her) and I have to say, I’m developing a huge crush on this paper. I only wish it had an RSS feed. Best story so far? “The Liberty Mule Mystery Continues.”

3. Dan Lehr over/down in Chattanooga made me aware of this photo. Everything about it is awesome. It’s funny just at the level of seeing monsters doing ordinary things, and funny at the level of the way the monster is lighting the light. But look at the Bride. First of all, do you not just want to squeeze her? Second, there’s something really nice about the look on her face. I can’t decide if it’s wistful or if she’s been caught in mid-grunt or what, but it’s so nice the way the Monster is all looking down trying to figure out how things work and what’s not working and the Bride seems to be looking up and thinking the same thing.

Edited to add: Oh, and I forgot! The photographer? He’s just some guy, who lives here in the state, and works with Dan. And yet, he took that picture. Doesn’t it just make you want to go all “Fuck yeah, art!”?

8 thoughts on “Things to Delight Your Eyes

  1. I’m thinking the bottle the horse is drinking from is too big for beer. Maybe a bottle of tequila then? The guy’s algorithm crunching, prosthetic leg’s gonna have trouble with that…..

  2. My dad was an amp. The prosthetic is very cool indeed. On first glance, I thought the horse was drinking Corona, but maybe not.

  3. It’s Justin Hall and thanks guys, I really enjoyed making this photo. Oh and I’ll go with Katie’s “wistful menace” mainly because Katie and her husband Rob are the models and they both did great jobs :-) It’s so cool to make it onto Tiny Cat Pants. Thanks so much.

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