Day One at Home

The cats are only in mild revolt. They expected wet cat food at night, which they know they only get in the morning. And the orange cat is throwing things on the ground.

The new kitty (which the Butcher insists he’s going to call her, even though I had to name her something on Monday, so Pumpkin it is) was sleeping happily on the Butcher’s bed and I was visiting with her when Mrs. Wigglebottom came barging in because it is against her religion to not be where something interesting might be happening. (I don’t know for sure what religion that is, but a lot of dogs seem to belong to it.)

Mrs. W. stood at the door, sort of confused. Then she came in and began to sniff eagerly at the new kitty’s things. And then she began to sniff at the new kitty, who was like “Oh HELL no!” (which was also the shape of her body). New kitty smacked Mrs. W. on the nose and hissed at her. This, of course, is about 150 times more attention than she normally gets from any cat so she was so excited, like “OMG!!! A playmate!!!!” while the new kitty took the opportunity to lumber off the bed and hide under the headboard.

So, I don’t know. I feel like it’s going pretty well.

The new kitty seems okay. A little stiff, but friendly and sleepy.

It tickles me that the Butcher has moved the new kitty into his room. I should have guessed that he would take her welfare to heart.

5 thoughts on “Day One at Home

  1. Such a relief to read this post! And there’s nothing funnier than tiny kittens trying to lay some smackdown.

  2. Sounds like the introductions are progressing well. Yay!

    also re: Mrs W, one of our cats is named WigglePig. Her official name is Simone, but at home she’s WigglePig.

  3. Yeah for Pumpkin telling Mrs W ‘NO’!

    Laughs at Mrs W getting it wrong.

    And I’m relieved kitty is doing well. I like the happy endings.

  4. I don’t think New Kitty is such a bad name. :)

    BK is actually registered as Gwen with TICA and CFA (I know, but it was like $10 and she’s *show quality,* and is the only purebred cat I’ve ever had. WHY we got a purebred is another story). Anyway, as soon as we got her home and around Gordo (whose real name is Finnegan) we started referring to her as the baby kitty, which eventually turned into us actually calling her Baby Kitty, which then got shortened to BK, which is what she has gone by for all of her 5 years now.

    Anyway, I’m so glad she’s doing well. You and The Butcher are awesome.

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