Oh Drama!

The Butcher has left the bedroom door open, though the new kitty seems to prefer to stay on his bed. When I came home, she came out to see me. She hissed at the dog.  The dog hid behind me. The two older cats sat on the counter, paws tucked under their bodies, watching intently. The orange cat hissed at the new kitty, just for good measure. And now the older cats are sitting on as high a things as they can find, while the new kitty has retreated back into the bedroom.

So, I think that went well.

Oh, Please, Tim Rudd

So, Grantham went and asked Rudd about this ridiculousness. Rudd says–

“This wasn’t about Jason Mumpower as much as it was about the entire caucus and party,” Rudd told NIT. “Anyone making statements like that is ridiculous and trying to change the subject. He lied to us. He betrayed us. He decieved us. If a man can’t even comprehend that he’s done wrong, how can we trust him to do right?”

So, look at that, Rudd is capable of developing a cogent, passionate argument that doesn’t use Jesus as a political cudgel.

Too bad he doesn’t choose that rhetorical strategy all the time, not just when he’s under public scrutiny.

Dear Mr. Rudd, privately bullying people using their religion against them is terrible, but doing so when you know better and can do better? Hilariously appalling.

Talk about ridiculous.

In Which I Feel Bad Again for Tennessee Christians

When a Tennessee Christian votes for a politician who has assured said voter that said politician is a good Christian, sure, that voter might assume that he or she is voting for a politician who puts Christian values into state politics.

But does this Christian voter realize that she is voting for people who think that not getting your way is akin to being publicly tortured and killed while your mother can only watch in horror? Akin to having all your friends and their families terrified that they would be arrested and killed next?

Does the Christian voter in Tennessee realize that she’s voting for egomaniacal assholes who think that their not getting their way gives them the right to compare their plight with that of Jesus? And to try to use what Jesus went through to bully other people into doing what you want?

Tim Rudd, sir, that you would even make something like this and send it to other people pretty much proves that you are a terrible Christian. And I don’t say that mildly. Christ was tortured and died. Jason Mumpower just got dicked over. If you can’t tell the difference between those two, you probably need to pray a little harder for understanding.

Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus say, “Please, use my suffering to illustrate your petty political problems.”  And really, Rudd, how dare you try to pressure anyone into feeling like not doing what you want is akin to standing against Jesus.

You are not Jesus. Jason Mumpower is not Jesus.

People who do things other than what you would like them to do ARE NOT BETRAYING JESUS.

And, frankly, it’s evil for you to suggest that they are.

You owe an apology to every Christian in this state that you would attempt to manipulate others by exploiting their love of Jesus and suggesting that people who don’t do what you want are on par with Judas.

This really is a new low.

Two Quick Things

1. Can someone explain to me why Robert Johnson has the ability to make Alabamans proud? Is he just that powerful? Did Mississippi annex Alabama over the weekend? I tease, but folks, if you want people living in the South to take your concerns about the goings on in the South, it helps if you seem like you have some basic cultural literacy. Ascribing Robert Johnson to Alabama signals to your readers that you don’t know what you’re talking about. And thus the main point you’re making is already suspect, when it shouldn’t be.

2. I’m thinking of doing casual reviews of all the parks in Davidson County. That might be too ambitious, but I really enjoyed writing this one for Pith.

To the Person Searching for “Suicide Beaman Park”

I’ve seen you here a couple of times and I hope you’ll pardon me for addressing you publicly.  If you’re just searching for news on whether there’s been a suicide in Beaman Park, the answer is I don’t know.

If you are, by chance, contemplating committing suicide in Beaman Park, please reconsider. Yes, it’s a beautiful park. Yes, if you have to go out that way, going out like that in a place like that is not a bad end.

But listen. No matter what, even if you think you have no one left in the whole world who cares about you, your death is going to fuck someone up, bad, for the rest of his or her life. Probably, this is going to be a family member or two of yours, but, even if you’re right, and no one you know cares about you, think of the person who would find your body.

What if it’s a kid out hiking with her parents? Or the poor park policeman who noticed your car earlier?

Believe me. No matter how shitty you have it, they don’t deserve to have to live with what you might do.