3 thoughts on “It’s As If She Wrote It For Me

  1. I know this is a classic southern question….but is she kin? Lyda Phillips?

    In Saratoga Springs (about half an hour from my house), springs like Cave Springs are central to the life of the city and its tourism industry. Plus, people really do come out and fill their jugs at the free-flowing springs because they believe in the rejuvenative qualities of the various waters. So I don’t find it unusual that older people in the Cave Park neighborhood swear by the stuff.

  2. Ha, no. We tried to sort this out the one time we met and her people are from Louisiana and my people are all from Michigan. But she’s cool as hell. I’d totally claim her.

    I’m sad I missed this spring flowing event. I didn’t even know of such a thing, but I’m going to be on the lookout for it now.

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