Oh Drama!

The Butcher has left the bedroom door open, though the new kitty seems to prefer to stay on his bed. When I came home, she came out to see me. She hissed at the dog.  The dog hid behind me. The two older cats sat on the counter, paws tucked under their bodies, watching intently. The orange cat hissed at the new kitty, just for good measure. And now the older cats are sitting on as high a things as they can find, while the new kitty has retreated back into the bedroom.

So, I think that went well.

6 thoughts on “Oh Drama!

  1. Sounds like all the felines are going to adjust just fine.

    The comedy in your vicious pit bull being scared to death of the sickly kitty is hysterical.

  2. Heh. That’s less drama than we had when Big Old Alpha Male came home from his dental cleaning… and the little cat, who is half his weight and used to love him, growled like a Rottweiler and smacked the snot out of him (and is still doing so). And our cats have lived together for years…

  3. Cat height is relevant to established dominance, so in their minds the cat in the highest spot is the one in charge. Take a look around and see who it is. They will re-arrange themselves in a room to get the dominance order right if another cat comes in. That’s always fun to watch.

  4. It can be entertaining. Raincat is our 2nd cat, but soon became the dominant cat in the house. When he comes into a room, all other cats must get on the floor or be on a lower level than him at all times and he enforces it.

    There have been attempted coups by the CatBastard, giving him the eye while staying safely on the couch, but it doesn’t last.

    I’m thinking Tiny Cat will win in the long run.

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