The Heat is On

Well, one drawback to the new kitty is that the rest of the animals are out of sorts and, apparently, how you get into sorts, if you are an animal, is by smothering me. People, we keep our house at 69 degrees. And about 5:30, I woke up because I was so hot. I had a dog along one side of me. A cat circled around my head with her tail draped over my neck and shoulder, and another cat sitting on my chest.

Also, compared to the new kitty, the other cats look like giants. Even the tiny cat seems four times as big as the new kitty.

In other news, I have been dicking around for months with four baby blankets. I thought all the babies were due starting in January. So, I thought I would have December to finish them up. Yesterday, the mother of the first baby went into labor. The other three of you had better be holding it in for as long as you can!


I finished the crocheting up last night, so all I have to do is tuck ends. Most people tuck ends as they go, which is smart, but I am not most people; I am dumb. So now, I have my least pleasant task ahead of me on four blankets. I don’t suppose there’s time to start a mid-blanket fringe trend?