I Watch the Cats with More Scrutiny

Ever since Saraclark mentioned that cats’ relative height in a room tells you about their place in the hierarchy, I have been watching the cats. Ha remember when Tiny Cat Pants had nary a mention of cats on it?  When it was a place where you could read my theories on how, say, entrenched homophobia helps protect child molestors (a thing I’m trying to put together in my head now) by keeping victims quiet and by allowing people who know what the predator is up to to justify his behavior in their minds by dismissing it as “homosexual”?

Those days will return, I assure you.

But I am but one girl and the cats are what are occupying my mind (that and whether a person can actually visit every Metro park).

Anyway, here’s what I’ve noticed. As you may or may not know, my house is shaped like a donut. So, the tiny cat can set herself on the end table here in the living room and monitor where the new kitty is positioned on the Butcher’s bed (which is lower than the end table). The orange cat can then sit on the dining room table and be assured that he is above both of the other cats, even though he can only see one of them.

I have figured out that poor Mrs. Wigglebottom must be considered by the cats to be third on the totem pole (since she normally sits on the couch) and now that they’re watching her refrain from getting into the Butcher’s bed, unbeknownst to her, she is moving from third to fourth.