Hot Tamales

I was nerding up on Robert Johnson when I discovered this site about hot tamales in Mississippi. I especially love the speculative history about how tamales caught on–“Hey, your food is still hot? No fair!”

I also love it because a century of tamales in the Mississippi Delta is just proof that all our pissing and moaning about all the Mexicans just showing up here in the southeast is such ahistorical bullshit. If Latinos weren’t here (albeit in smaller numbers), where did the Mississippi tamale come from?


2 thoughts on “Hot Tamales

  1. Knoxville has very good tamale joint called Mamma Joe’s or something like that. It has been around for decades. I’ve been twice and loved it.

    There were even Mexicans in Confederate uniform. Go figure with Texas and Arizona territory being part of the Confederacy.

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