7 thoughts on “whoop21.2

  1. It looks like a great blue heron to me, I’ve seen a lot of them here in MN in the small wetlands along the highways, even near the Twin Cities.

  2. I’m thinking it’s the extremely rare grey whooping crane that disguises itself as a great blue heron. I mean, it’s beside a sign(that I’m sure if I could read it is the one that says something about whooping cranes).

  3. The more I think about it, the more I think it’s some kind of Great Blue Heron publicity hog. It knows the sign says to take pictures of the whooping cranes from the road. It also knows most idiots don’t know what whooping cranes look like, so when there’s a tall, elegant bird standing within 10 feet of the sign, it’s going to get its picture taken.

  4. It worked! I
    t just better hope none of the Great White Herons show up or it will have serious competition….

  5. Great Blue Herons nest here now, you need to look for those great big piles of sticks made into a nest at the top of a tree. They’re huge! Also, if you have a backyard pond, these suckers will come and eat all your goldfish. It’s really cool for about 5 minutes, until you catch on.

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