One New Kitty Update

Y’all, I don’t know if all cats are secretly doofuses or if living with us turns them doofy or what, but the cats are cracking me up. First of all, the tiny cat is walking around looking like she’s a baby seal, or a tiny sausage or a furry torpedo. I was worried that she’s gaining a bunch of weight, but NO. People, it’s just that it’s been so long since she’s had a full butt of fur in the wintertime that she’s walking around with it puffed out at full extension all the time.

And the new kitty! Well, she still does not like the dog, but she has no concept of sneak. So, when she wants something from the kitchen, she’ll just stand at the bedroom door until she thinks the dog is sound asleep and then she’ll take off a full gallop along the back of the house. If she just walked, the dog would stay asleep, because, like most cats, she walks very quietly.

But she runs like… well, frankly… like me. Ungracefully and clomping and loud.

So, there’s the dog all honk-shoo and the cat BARUMP BARUMP BAROOOOOM and then the dog starts to barking which then upsets the cat and then I start laughing because it’s hilarious.

I know she’s not quite a kitten any more, but I had forgotten how much ridiculous fun it is to have a young cat.

One thought on “One New Kitty Update

  1. They’re all secretly doofuses. Except Tojo, who is outwardly a doofus completely.

    Personally I think it’s a hoot having a young-ish cat around again but the elder felines in the house vehemently disagree. It’s also rather ironic that he looks like an angel when he sleeps.

    Too funny about the Tiny Cat and the butt fur. She’s probably just so happy her ass will be warm this winter!

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