Ways to Help Immigrants this Christmas

Hey, y’all, I just heard from the folks at TIRRC and here is a list of organizations they know of, as of right now, that are helping immigrant families, regardless of their status.  It is NOT comprehensive, just a place to start. If we learn of more, I’ll add them here.

Catholic Charities

Metro Social Services

El Crucero

The Lay Pastor for Integrative Ministries at the West Nashville United Methodist Church (they also could use some volunteer help this weekend, if you’re bilingual).

And one of y’all told me about Rooftop, which helps people, regardless of status, with rental assistance.

I also want to mention that the Salvation Army in Nashville is very short presents. People who adopted angels have not turned their presents in and not all angels are adopted. I know, I know, but what can you do? The people who need them still need them. Which, I might add, is why the Salvation Army need to shape the fuck up. People are counting on them.

And if you took an angel and have not bought your presents yet? You need to shape the fuck up. People are counting on you.

3 thoughts on “Ways to Help Immigrants this Christmas

  1. St. Luke’s Community House in West Nashville also helps people regardless of immigration status.

  2. I mentioned it on another post, but will repeat here that Second Harvest has told me that they give out food to everyone who needs it, period.

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