Toby Keith Embarrassing Us on a World Stage

Here’s the part that sticks in my craw, still. It’s not that he’s a crass asshole. It’s not that the whole pulling-back-your-eyes thing is so second-grade-until-your-dad-catches-you-and-whomps-you-upside-the-head.

It’s that there is not a grown-up white person in America who doesn’t know that’s fucking “problematic,” to put it mildly. And yet, when the time came for Keith to be on the world stage, in front of actual Asian people, who know an insult when they see it, could he for five seconds say “You know, I’m going to consider how I would feel if someone made fun of me on stage and not do this stupid thing”? No. It was more important to him to be all “cute” than to consider the fact that he was standing up there AS AN AMERICAN, representing all of us.

I really wish he and John Rich would just start an act together. They could call it “Big Asshole and Rich” or something. Just put all the suck in one place and let it burn itself out. Maybe Miley Cyrus could open for them.