Christmas Chaos

“Christmas Chaos.” That’s got to be a WWE pay-per-view, right?

Anyway, my other brother has stepped up to the plate and agreed to go get his own son and bring him here for Christmas. So, I’m planning on taking my parents to the park tomorrow, instead of driving with them to North Carolina. They bought me a new mattress and box springs for Christmas. This is very nice of them, but I don’t feel like my current mattress and box springs are not holding up or something. But they say that I am crazy and the necessity of a new mattress is obvious.

I’m actually more thrilled with the other thing they brought–a small, live Christmas tree, to be planted in the mushy part of the yard, in hopes of soaking up some of the water. I hope pines like water. A weeping willow might have been more appropriate for that area.

The dog has gone back to sleeping with the Butcher. I’m not sure what this means for the new kitty, if she’s sleeping in there, too, or hiding under the bed, or if she will come out and explore the rest of the house, now that her mortal enemy has returned to the bed.

I’m still very stressed out, but I think it’s just the afterburn of all this North Carolina nonsense. And I’m really hoping that a good trip to the park can get it out of my system.

One thought on “Christmas Chaos

  1. I’m glad the NC nonsense is getting worked out.

    Christmas Chaos on WWE? I’m not even a WWE watcher and I would totally pay to see that!

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