My Uncle B. is a Little Naughty

So, my Uncle B. recently became a grandfather to a darling little girl named Noelle and when I was talking to him on the phone this morning, he was bragging about how there are times when he’s the only one who can get Noelle to sleep.

“That’s not that surprising, though,” he said, “I’ve been putting your aunt to sleep since we started dating.” He pauses. “In the early days, I was just trying to get her into bed, but…” He laughed, “If I’d figured it out sooner, we would have older kids.”

Whew, Boy, Do I Have a Treat for You

When I took the new kitty to the vet, I saw a restaurant “Taste of N’awlins,” but I didn’t know if it was open. And then I saw this review on Nashville Restaurants, which explained that it was open, when it was open, and whether it was good.

So, we went up there this evening; it’s maybe ten minutes from the house, but on the far north side of Joelton, so it’s quite a drive from Nashville. But holy cow, people, it’s so good. I mean, unbelievably good. I had a roast beef po’ boy and Mom and Dad had the jambalaya and Mom thought the jambalaya tasted just like the jambalaya her Cajun acquaintance makes.

I’ve not seen it advertised, and everyone who came in who didn’t seem familiar with the place said that they’d heard about it from someone else. So, its popularity so far seems just based on the unbelievable food and the word-of-mouth about it.

So, I’m here to spread more word of mouth and to tell you to get your butts to Joelton and try it.

My Dad, Too Nutty for Even the Gun Nuts?

I may have told you this, but my dad is completely opposed to concealed carry. Not because he’s opposed to guns, but because he doesn’t believe concealed carry has any deterrent effect because who can be deterred by a gun he can’t see?

No, my dad is for mandatory open carry. If you own a gun, it is your responsibility to your community to wear that gun openly where everyone can see it and deter the fuck out of some crime.

He explained this position loudly and in some detail at O’Charley’s the other night. I was having a good laugh trying to imagine what the people around us were making of him– “He said ‘gun’ in a positive way, so that must make him a good guy, but he said ‘community’ and that’s code for ‘socialism’ so what the fuck?!?”