Christmas with the Phillipses Means Football!

We have just had our first post-holiday injury, wth the Butcher dropping the youngest nephew after tossing him on the couch, after playing football all over the house after I shouted repeatedly “Stop [throwing, tossing, shooting] that [football, toy plane, sock] into the fire!” We’re lucky to have made it this far without anyone being thrown into the fire, let me tell you.

But, of course, we had to play football in the house because it’s cold outside.

Mrs. Wigglebottom got her morning food covered in bacon grease. Everyone got good presents. And the only crying has been the result of the first post-holiday injury, so all in all, a very successful Christmas.

Hope the same is true for all you Christians and Christian-affiliated folks.

As an aside, the Butcher insists I pass this along to the Professor.