Oh, Afghans

The jewel-tone afghan has hit the time-consuming part. The first half goes rather quickly because you’re switching colors so often, but by the time you get out as far as I’m out, it takes a while to get each color done. I’m still very pleased with how it’s turning out, though, and I mean to have pictures of it sooner or later. It’s been a long time since I’ve made something and been all “Holy shit, that’s cool” about it, so I’m excited to see how it comes together and I’m definitely learning things for the next time I make one.

I was considering having some kind of Post Secret/Post Politics mashup contest for the contest afghan, but I think that’s unfair to my non-Tennessean readers. So, I think what I’ll do, when the time comes, when there’s an afghan to have a contest over, is just let people enter by commenting on the appropriate post and then we’ll just randomly generate a number and the commenter at that number will win. I think I’m settling on a vertical stripe, but maybe squares. I’d LOVE to do this afghan, but I’m very nervous about whether I can do those medallions.  Plus, I already bought yarn for stripes. Still, damn, that’s beautiful. Maybe I’ll work on it after the contest afghan, just to see if I can do it.

In other afghan news, half of the babies I made afghans for are in the NICU and, while everything is going well, I am still fretting and would appreciate if you could keep those two girls in your thoughts–Allison and Cecelia. Thanks.

Ha, it’s like a church bulletin there at the end of this post but without the hymns we can all sing in unison.

Okay, I found one we can sing as we think uplifting thoughts for the little sisters.