Excitement in the Bend

Y’all, CeeLCee sent me such exciting news about goings’ on in the Bells Bend Park that I am even asking people for more information! I know. I know. Anyway, it’s probably not that cool to the rest of you, but for me, news that they are planting trees in the park is pretty cool. I wonder if a girl can request where trees be planted, because some parts of the trail get really hot in the summer.

In Which I Armchair Quarterback the Democrats

1. Since it’s more important for the old guard to be gloating jackasses than to do actual Democratic outreach, they have completely missed the shift among some previously neutral or enthusiastic young people towards the TNDP. But because I am already an asshole, I will tell you straight up. Old guard, there’s some coalition building you could do with your young people, if you’d put down the “Oh my god, those idiots and their love for Chip Forrester. How can we run them out of the party this week?” People have come away from this year with the impression that there’s no support for candidates in small races, no support for people who aren’t in the “right” districts.  If that’s not also your strategy, you might could find some new allies.

2. A.) Someone owns the name “Music Row Democrats.” When you start asking around about how to restart the Music Row Democrats and you don’t even seem to have a plan for how to either get that name or come up with a new name, the people who are still talking to you find it weird. B.) People are still very, very bitter about how that went down. Well, I take that back. Not how it went down. How they understand that it went down. Before you, TNDP, start sniffing around about whether you could restart the MRD, you should know that conventional wisdom is that it was you guys who killed it in the first place, because you only wanted open wallets and access to Democratic stars; you didn’t want an actual, active organization you’d have to learn to get along with. It doesn’t matter if this is not the truth. This is what people think the truth is.

“What the Heck?!”

My favorite thing about the new kitty, as she gets more comfortable with the place is that she’s starting to get more curious, which is, of course, hilarious.

And she constantly runs around with this look on her face like “What the heck?” It’s not really a cussing face. It’s more of just innocent, slightly scandalized wonder. “What the heck, are you going to feed me or not?” “What the heck is that noise this thing is making?” “What the heck is that dog doing?”

Today she was hiding behind the toilet until I flushed it at which point she was all “What the heck is that noise?” and she scampered back into the safety of the Butcher’s room.