My 2009 New Year’s Resolution

Since I resolved to tuck no ends for the rest of 2009, I have moved on from the jewel-tone afghan to the contest afghan. It is, right now, two and a half strips of squares that will fit together, I hope, when I sew it all together, when I get ten strips done. So, here’s the deal.  The contest will be had on January 15th. It will be easy to enter. I’ll put up the relevant post and, if you want to win, you just comment on that post and I’ll randomly generate a number and the comment that corresponds to that number will win.

The 15th should give me enough time to get the afghan far enough along that you can see it and decide if you want it before you enter. So, that will be fun. It looks cool so far, anyway.

Sympathy for the Butcher

Poor Butcher came home yesterday complaining that he had had a headache all day, which he thought was just because he hadn’t had enough to eat, but when he tried to eat something after work, it just didn’t taste good to him; he couldn’t bring himself to finish it. And so, he said, he was going to go to bed and just see if he felt better.

And then, he came rushing out of his room to be sick in the privacy of the bathroom.

I just went in to check on him now, and he seems to be still breathing, so I didn’t linger. I don’t want whatever that is he has.