Pinnacle Building

It was just yesterday that I realized what it is about the Pinnacle building that strikes a wrong aesthetic chord for me.  It’s really a beautiful sight, but it looks like some of the other buildings got together and buried it in the mud up to its shoulders.

If we all wake up one day and find it covered in honey, a trail of fire ants slowly making its way towards the building, we will know that the L&C Tower has had it with these young punks and is sending a message.

(If you’re not from here, to get a sense of what I’m talking about, here’s a picture Chris Wage took.  The bottom of the picture is pretty much the bottom of the building.)

(Also, it is now my goal to take a picture of moss this beautiful.)


2 thoughts on “Pinnacle Building

  1. Why pick on the Pinnacle, though? It’s the only one of the new kids that has the least bit of visual imagination. Can’t the L&C pick on the Batman building instead?

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