I don’t know if this comes across that well in the Youtube video, but you can really hear it when you listen to the album. The drums and bass-line aren’t distorted. The guitar and vocals are, the vocals more so than the guitar. And it sounds like there may be an occasional synthesizer note in there, especially when the words are gone, just a beep, beep, beep, that reinforces that the important thing is the rhythm. And the interesting thing about this rhythm is that it makes you anxious. Just try rocking to it and you’ll see what I mean. It’s not slow enough for comfortable movement, but it’s not fast enough for you to really move to. So, the song does to you the very thing it’s talking about–makes you feel that building desire for some kind of release.

I just think that’s nicely done.


The Orange Cat is Such a Jerk

I had a pile of plastic bags in the corner I kept meaning to throw out but hadn’t. So the orange cat just peed the fuck all over them. Just sat there while I yelled at him and I tried to hold a towel by his rear to sop it up as it spread all over the floor and he shot me this look like, “Damn straight, bitch. You let me pee all over you.”

I had to throw him outside to keep from killing him.