Is the TNGOP as Screwed as the TNDP?

I admit, I’ve been so focused on Democratic problems, I’ve been almost completely out of the loop on the conservative soap opera in this state.  But today, as they say, the shit really hit the fan. First, it came out that the TNGOP state director is also running for office and conservatives took to the internets to complain. Then, someone claiming to be an executive committee member in the comments claimed that the party Chair just learned of this office-running-for nonsense last week.

And then the Chair has to take to the email himself to try to put a lid on the issue and reassert his own authority. It’s always a bad sign when someone is leaking your “shut the fuck up” emails to the press.

Republicans should be poised to make some pretty sweeping changes to the political landscape here in Tennessee. Victory is right over the next hill. The finish line is within sight. The Dems are in chaos.

Are the Republicans on the verge of tripping over their own shoes?

Is this an indication that they’re about to clutch defeat from the jaws of victory?

I don’t know. It’s weird to see the political machine that rolled right over us headed straight for a cliff.

If Republicans fuck this up… I just don’t know. I honestly do not know. I can’t even fathom it.

And yet, I know, when they leak your “shut the fuck up and fall in line” emails, you’ve probably already lost your authority. And if the TNGOP doesn’t have some strong leadership, I’m not sure they can just rely on momentum to carry them through November.


6 thoughts on “Is the TNGOP as Screwed as the TNDP?

  1. Now you have me imagining Tennessee politics as some action movie. Yeah, the steamroller goes right over us, but there’s wind whipping in our hair as we huddle together on the edge of the canyon, watching that same steamroller plummet …

    I could get used to some “The Republicans of Our Lives.”

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  3. Don’t totally count us out. Keep hope alive, Yes we can. Nobody’s shouting women and children first. So, Keep your chin up, Remember the Alamo, Those who dare win, Semper Fi ,Vini vida veci, Esse qum vidari, Win one for the Chipper, All hands on deck. In God we Trust. So, Be all you can be, and get there The fustest with the Mostest. I’ve got to get another hobby and quit reading these blogs.

  4. Hell yes, you need to quit reading those other blogs. My blog has politics, weird cats, and cussing. There’s no other blog in Tennessee that provides readers with all that. Don’t waste your time on those other guys. Just stick with this one.

    Shoot, if anything interesting happens over at Post Politics, I’ll let you know.

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