This Morning’s Scores

Last year, my mom and I found a couple of incredibly furry woolly worms. I was thinking about them as I was freezing my fingers of for, hallelujah, a second day this week, while out walking the dog. We have had an unusually snowy and cold winter for us.

Score one for the predictive powers of the woolly worm.

Also, score one to Mrs. Wigglebottom who stood patiently at the side of the road while I put down her leash so that I could tie my shoe. I knew it would be fine, but I was still nervous that she might take off running into the road. Of course, she did not. She just stood right there and patiently waited.

And score one for me, who got to see, right as the sun made it’s way over the hill, the frost on the scrub all along the road light up like thousands of tiny amber fires.


5 thoughts on “This Morning’s Scores

  1. I found your blog yesterday on google reader, so I promise I am not some odd stalker person that just showed up and starts commenting :)
    That being said, I would have loved more than anything to be right there when the sun hit the frost on the road. It is one of the most exquisite sights in the world.

  2. That’s so funny. Just last night we were laying in bed and my husband was talking about how the weather was so much colder than normal and I told him that because I had seen the wooliest worm in a decade last year that I figured it would be bad.

    I believe in wooly worms.

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