We Did This Day Like It’s Going Out of Style

First, we slept in. Then, Mrs. Wigglebottom behaved herself while I weeded the herb garden. It was already pretty full of weeds, but also the chamomile is spreading like there’s no tomorrow. So, I have an idea that, if I let everything spread as much as it would like, I’m not going to have much of a weed problem in there in coming years, just because there won’t be a whole lot of room for things to get much of a foothold. I do have two big spaces I’d like to get something in, in that bed. I don’t know what, yet, but it must be an herb and it must be perennial.

And I am so in love with the rosemary right by the front steps. It was so small when I planted it and now it’s this big gangly thing. I am really excited to see if it blooms this year.  All the sage looks very terrible, but in that way where you feel like you’ll know summer’s coming when it starts to perk back up.

I tried to weed the tea rose, but the underlying dirt was so firmly packed that it was nearly impossible. I just took my rake and tried to get it loosened up some and I’ll get back out to it later.

I trimmed the holly bushes under the front window. I didn’t give them a very precise shape, more just like “friendly round shag.” I thought about trimming the nandina, but I am going to wait until nm can come out and show me what to do. I don’t want to even clean it up until then because I want to take a look at what remains before trimming it back.

I spread ashes on the perennial bed in back.

And then the dog and I went over to Peeler Park to review it for Pith.

I probably overdid it a little, considering that we’ve been stuck in the house without walks for weeks, but it was so nice out that I just wanted to be out and moving around in it.  I really hope we get some good flowers in the perennial bed this year.

And I found a weird plant in one of the shade beds. I planted an African violet over there last summer rather than let it die in the house. And I don’t think this is it, but… I don’t know. It doesn’t quite look like a weed.


One thought on “We Did This Day Like It’s Going Out of Style

  1. Mint. Plant mint. Smells great, wonderful for tea and comes back perfectly no matter how much your dog pees on it.

    And it doesn’t matter what you do to your nandina. You can cut it back to the ground if you want, and it will still come back fine. It’s utterly forgiving.

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