Sunday Gardening Blogging: Back from the Dead

So, the Butcher is as enthusiastic as I am about devoting the whole garden to a ridiculous amount of sunflowers. I also like it because the planning for that is taken care of. We’ll just go in, pull up the dried up marigolds, till the whole thing lightly, and plant the sunflowers. I’m contemplating putting the French marigolds in among the sunflowers, just because they ended up being really handy for shading out the weeds. But maybe not. Some of those French marigolds are bound to come back. And the sunflowers will be pretty weed-shading, too, I’d imagine.

Don’t tell the Butcher, but I’ve found some that grow like 15′ tall. He’s going to fall over about those.

We are going to do some vegetables, which we’re trying to decide on now, but we’re going to do them in a small bed between the house and the shed. So far we’ve settled on okra and bell peppers. We might try corn again. But I’m talking about packing all these motherfuckers into a space that’s like 3′ x 5′. So, I’m going to have to think very carefully about how to arrange everything. Oh and some basil. We made good use of the basil last year (though, as I recall, only the cinnamon came up). Maybe one tomato. I think I’ve still got some seeds. But the point is, I’m not going to do a bunch of stuff that just gets crazy and we end up not eating it all and it’s way out in back where we can’t enjoy it.

Even from the house, we’ll be able to enjoy some 15′ sunflowers way back there.

And we’ll eat more vegetables if we can keep a closer eye on the garden.

As for flowers, the daffodils are already poking up. Even the ones I bought with nm have broken the surface. The last time we talked about it, hers had not, but then I remembered, mine are right by the house. That soil is warm.

I think someone ate all my crocuses in the small bed by the creek. I saw them starting to sprout last week, but didn’t see any in there this week. Well, fuck that then. I may put some daffodils in there next year, but I’m giving up on crocuses. I also have half a mind to go into the squirrel nests and take bites out of things they like.

I’d also like to try foxglove again this year. It didn’t work on the south side of the house, even though that stays pretty shady thanks to the holly tree. But I’m thinking of trying it at the shady end of the perennial bed.  I’ve also got some room between the edge of the bed and the peonies, which is very sunny, where I’d like to stick something. I’m thinking maybe Columbine?

The big question remains the wet spot to the north of the driveway. I’d like to get some plants in there that would help soak up that water. As I’ve said, it’s a mess. You can’t mow in there (at least not very often, because it’s so wet), but it’s usually so muddy you can’t get over there to weed. So, whatever goes in there is going to have to be hardy. It’s going to have to be able to fight its way through weeds.  And it’s going to have to be able to withstand being mowed down in the fall.

I’m honestly wondering if I can go over to Bates and ask for help. I’d think some decorative grasses and some plain old coneflowers and black-eyed susans might do me. I also read that hollyhocks will do well in those circumstances. But I wonder what y’all think?

And is anyone else garden planning already?  If so, what exciting things do you have going on?


But I Have a System!

I have been rocking this awesome system where, when I get up in the morning, I take The Pill, and then set out the metformin I’ll need to take at dinner in a shot glass in the cabinet. That way, if ever I am wondering far after dinner whether I took my metformin, I can look in the shot glass and see “empty=yes” and “full=no.”

But this only works if you’re worrying about whether you’ve taken it. If you’ve developed a routine you feel confident about, you never worry.

So I wake up this morning to find that I had not taken it.

I should have suspected because we did a lot yesterday and I should have been exhausted, but instead I slept like shit and tossed and turned all night. Something wasn’t right.

Anyway, not taking it, for me, sucks. Not at first, but by lunch, I’d be feeling sick and this feeling I an only describe as like the opposite of hunger, like intense not-hungry followed by intense hunger, so I wouldn’t eat at lunch (because I’d feel sick and not hungry) and then there’d be like a switch flipped and I’d pretty much have to eat right then or I’d be weak and dizzy and in a tremendous amount of pain. I’d have a good chance of getting a migraine, too.

I don’t know if these are everyone’s symptoms when they miss a dose, but for me, it’s pretty nasty. I imagine, after a few days, it’d settle down into being like it was before I started taking it, which, obviously, is completely survivable, since I did it for my whole life before. But the one day is bad enough that I was like, “Oh, fuck me running.”

The NIH’s website says to take it as soon as you notice that you’ve forgotten, as long as it’s not too close to when you’d normally take it.

So, I took it, just now.

But I ask you, what is the point of developing good habits if those habits allow you to believe with confidence that you’ve done what you’re supposed to do?

I need to be mindful of taking my pills. But I also don’t want to let the schedule of pill taking come to dominate my life. I need a mindset that keeps me thinking of it, but not so that I fixate on it.

But I still, obviously, haven’t struck that balance.