Varsity Grille

I don’t say this mildly, but I have just returned from the most awesomely hilarious terrible, oh, god, terrible meal ever, at the Varsity Grille on 21st. Our service was pretty terrible, but who could blame her? If I had to bring that crap to people for that amount of money, I could not have worked up any kind of give a shit attitude. Hell, Streep couldn’t have faked enthusiasm. Still, I would have liked my drink refilled.

The issues? All items are around $10. All ingredients for all three meals could have been purchased for $10. My hamburger was not medium. It also looked suspiciously like a Bubba Burger you buy in a box  at Kroger and toss on your Foreman grill. The garnish was about three dozen wilted pickle chips.

My boss’s grilled turkey, bacon, ham sandwich, that was supposed to come with mayo had neither bacon nor mayo and the bread appeared to be toasted, rather than grilled. Same with our dining companion. The server apologized saying that the truck hadn’t come yet and they were out of bacon.

The women at the next table over from us also had similar problems with their meal and they said that the large group of men asked about three or four different things, only to be told that they didn’t have that right now.

I don’t know. It was shitty, but we laughed so hard, going from what “What the fuck?” to the next. The women who were sitting next to us asked “Is this place going out of business?” and we all looked at each other and were like “How could it not be?”