Smell Spring Coming

It was cold when we walked this morning, but it smelled so amazing. I mean, like just after a rain clean, or like every plant has just opened itself up and let go of some chemical designed to bring spring on. I don’t know, but it was awesome. Both Mrs. Wigglebottom and I wanted to walk farther, but we got started too late. Still, spring is coming. It’s going to come and there will be flowers and digging in the dirt. I cannot wait to get started on the sunflower garden. Beth gave me some seeds and I found some seeds in the garage (oops for thinking I had planted them) and I ordered some.

I can’t wait. I feel like it’s just going to be delightfully ludicrous.

2 thoughts on “Smell Spring Coming

  1. if those red sunflowers give you half the joy they gave me, you’ll be in a state of euphoria every time you watch them sway in the breeze. They’re just happy.

  2. It’s nearly 50 degrees here and sunny. The birds are singing. It’s not spring yet, but it’s getting there.

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