Thank You, Representative Shaw

“We don’t just make laws for one person.”–Representative Shaw, today.

1. I’m glad someone will say it.

2. I hope Representative Shaw will feel empowered to wander around and remind other legislators of this fact. It is broadly applicable.

I raise a toast to Representative Shaw. A Diet Dr Pepper toast, but for me, that’s as valuable as the finest wine.

Minorly Embarrassing

Well, the gaping hole in my front yard could be caused by a problem with the Sanitary Sewer that runs through there, so I had to call Metro Water and get them to come out and take a look at it. I told the man on the phone where I lived. He said, “Where is that?”

“Just south of Lloyd.”

“I’ve been seeing that!” he said, in surprise. I was a little surprised, too. I mean, Nashville is a big city. What are the chances of you calling a major utility and getting someone who lives near enough to you that he has noticed the hole growing in your front yard?

But he had been watching it grow and so I had no problem getting him to schedule someone to come out and look at it.

It was a little embarrassing, too, though, to know that my gaping front yard hole was so noticeable.

The Orange Cat is Insolent! And that’s a Professional Opinion!

As you may recall, my front ditch has some problem with Clarksville Pike, which it is trying to resolve through a conflict mediation strategy known as “hurl cinder blocks with as much force as an inanimate object can muster at the culvert going under the road. Now, this is a problem for me, because once the cinder blocks head out to do battle with the underside of the highway, the dirt from my front yard rushes with it (and the hole is closer than I am comfortable with to my line of daffodils). But it’s also kind of a problem for the state because… well, ditch collapsing, cinder blocks being knocked into the underside of the road, etc. Once you start dealing with things that might affect the integrity of a state highway, TDOT wants to come take a look at the problem.

And so, yesterday, an engineer came out to take a look at things.

I got a lovely email from him when he was finished, which said, in part, “The orange cat had a very insolent attitude about him though.”

I laughed so hard when I read this that I had to write back and immediately ask if I could quote it here.  I ask you, if you have ever met the orange cat, have you ever heard a more apt description?

I assured the engineer that the cat was not somehow prejudiced against state workers, but that he looks down his nose upon everyone equally.

My Nerdy Pith Post

Tom Wood has send me some cool, cool stuff about Payne, who died “suddenly,” whatever that might mean. One wonders. After all, regular people die suddenly and it just means they had heart attacks or massive strokes or a goat was dropped on them or something. But a guy whose house was blown up by a notorious Chicago gangster and who died about the same time Al Capone talked said gangster into retiring?

A girl wonders.

Anyway, here is my nerdy Pith post, which brings me so much joy I can’t even tell you.

So Cold

I have a bone-chill. I don’t know how else to explain it. It’s a perfectly fine temperature in here, and the same temperature it always is, but it’s like my bones are cold and no amount of warm air at the surface can really get at it.

My mind is distracted in about eight different directions.