Let Me Tell You a Story

Okay, I wrote this story and I was trying to decide if it worked, so I thought I’d read it out loud, but that wasn’t exactly working. So, I recorded it to listen to it. And I think it’s just right. I was worried the ending sucked, but hearing it, I think it’s just right.

I took video, because I don’t have a set-up to just take audio, but there’s nothing to see, but about six and a half minutes of my boobs. And not in a fun way. So, it’s better, I think, if you just shut your eyes and let me read to you.

It’s called “Bone.”

16 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You a Story

  1. Yes, but apparently it’s only working intermittently. I’ve sent off a note to WordPress, but haven’t heard back from them yet. I am getting good practice cussing a lot, though.

  2. This is a story that keeps me thinking….like what happens to the kept bone if the lover re-fleshes? The lover’s now missing a bone or the bone is all fleshy? And could the barkeep thwart the guy from destroying her lover with the bone being away somehow?

    Questions and imaginings…….

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