Metro Water: Hell Yeah!

Okay, I called them yesterday at, what, 3:30? Who was in my yard this morning at 8:30?

Metro Motherfucking Water.

I about wanted to hug them, but… well… you know, they were down in the sewer system.

Anyway, they didn’t find any leaks, so I’m back to TDOT to report that.

And I am very happy with my prompt customer service.

8 thoughts on “Metro Water: Hell Yeah!

  1. I’ve called Metro Water several times when I’ve seen water burbling out of a neighbor’s water meter. They have always come out immediately, with good reason: a leak can cause massive property damage.

    FWIW NES will come out right away if a power line is down and Nashville Gas comes out right away if you smell gas. These are public hazards so I’m not gonna do double back flips for them doing their job, but in this day and age it’s still nice to see.

    You know who takes forever to come out? Comcast Cable and BellSouth.

  2. Ya know, while Comcast isn’t as prompt as the water folks, compared to cable companies in NYC and New Jersey they are the epitome of promptness, courtesy, consideration, and good workmanship. You will hardly hear a peep out of me about their service calls. Getting a real person on the phone there, not so good.

  3. I have yet to have a service outage on my home phone (AT&T) lasting on the order of six days like the last outage I had with Comcast.

    (No, it’s *not* my equipment, guys. It’s your substandard, cheap coax terminations at the pole.)

  4. We’ve never had bad luck with Comcast when we call. Usually, though, we just sit around and complain, because we are idiots.

    Don’t even get me started on AT&T.

  5. Yeah, a thumbs-up to Piedmont Gas for the same. Comcast is…well, my in-person dealings with them have been AWESOME (particularly, as nm points out, when you compare them with NJ and Philly), but on the phone it takes a good fifteen minutes to hunt down a live person, and it’s a coin toss as to whether you’ll get somebody talking completely out of his ass or somebody who calls a friend at another Comcast place to fix a problem for you, super special awesome.

    So: a wash. But yay Metro Water!

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