What if “Carroll” isn’t a Last Name But a Place?

As you may or may not recall, my great-grandma, Ina Mae gave her kids names that have provided me with awesome clues into that part of my family tree. My grandpa, Hildreth Heistand Phillips has family last names as his two given names. His sister, Viola Lucia, is named after a grandmother, Lucia Viola. And his brother was Carroll DeWitt Phillips.  I found DeWitts.  But try as I might, I have not found any “Carroll”s.

Okay, well, I knew Nathaniel Heistand, Ina Mae’s grandpa, was married to Nancy Weaver. Nathaniel was from Ohio down north of Cincinnati, but he didn’t marry Nancy Weaver until after 1850. Which means that Nancy Weaver very well may appear in the 1850 census, living with her parents.

So, the trick is to find her.

I found three Nancy Weavers in Ohio, none of them living near enough to Nathaniel for it to make sense how they met.

But one of the Nancys lives in Carroll County.  And while, yes, it’s far away from Nathaniel, but, who did I find on the same census page? Mahlon Heston.

What if “Heston” is just Heistand with an accent?

2 thoughts on “What if “Carroll” isn’t a Last Name But a Place?

  1. You might want to investigate who the Carroll was that the country was named for, and see whether s/he was connected to the Weavers in some way.

  2. Well, I can’t prove that the Hestons are Heistands, either. If they were, it was before they moved to Ohio, though there are Heistands that became Hestons; I just don’t know if this is the case for these particular folks. I’m going to have to track down more information on Weaver, if I can, before I can make a guess on which Weaver in the census records she is.

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