Lock II Park

People, that’s all I want to write about. It’s all I want to think about. I was having kind of a grouchy morning yesterday and then we went out there and it was like… I don’t even know. The river and the straight layers of rocks on the bluff and the big old trees and the feeling of the house, like someone had loved it and moved on and just left it waiting to be full again.

It’s creepy, but not in a scary way. It’s creepy because it’s empty. But when you’re near the house, you just know it’s a house used to being a home.

I don’t know how stuff like this happens, exactly, and I know Metro Parks has about zero dollars for anything, but that’s why we can’t just rely on the city to fix some of this stuff, you know?

People have to become invested in it and agitate for things.

I just very strongly feel that a city is a city in both space and time. You’re never going to meet all the people that live in your city now, but you can see the ways that shape and change the city. It is the same for your neighbors in earlier times.  And finding ways to know and incorporate the ways they lived in the city is an invaluable part of being a city.

2 thoughts on “Lock II Park

  1. Well, as I say in my review, I got lost. but upon consideration of how I got lost, I think you can just get on Pennington Bend road and probably hit Lock Two road and this park is at the end of that road. Or, if you’re like me, you can go to the bathroom at McDonald’s, turn up a road, turn down some others, and eventually run into it.

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