Crocus and Other Things You Can’t Unsee (Fair Warning)

6 thoughts on “Crocus and Other Things You Can’t Unsee (Fair Warning)

  1. Cats seem to think their backsides are their best feature (which they let you know by showing it off whenever possible), so that photo surely won’t even faze any cat owner.

  2. Lordy, my cats have trained me so well I just thought that some cat needs ‘kitty whackers'(firmly thwacking on the butt at the base of the tail). I won’t even get into the mock-spraying-for-praise between me and Henry.

    Reading this over made me realize I’m a loon. Oh well, at least I’m a happy loon….

  3. Can’t wait to see your crocuses .. or crocus flowers. Whatever. I just posted some photos of mine which just bloomed. I had no idea what they were so I had to ask around. They are beautiful. Next I shall post of photos of my cats’ butts.

    Off to the flickr group of animal butts…..

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