I’m Going to Buy Susan Lynn a Large Gun

We’ll have to get some rules changed down at the state capitol. You may not realize this, but while they’re busy making sure you can carry a gun anywhere you like, they’ve left one large area at the top of the hill on Charlotte off-limits. Which is a shame, because, as I understand it, guns deter nonsense.

And is there anyone who more constantly has more nonsense surrounding her which needs deterring?

Ha, I was going to write a defense of Lynn, just a mild defense, but then I remembered all this stuff and I thought, you know, this really is not my problem. Maybe Lynn and Beavers can take each other out in a giant cloud of tenth-amendment ridiculousness and someone less likely to build a wall around the state can get elected.

Though, in all fairness, folks could use jobs building a giant wall around the state.

So, now I’m torn again, a little bit.

Okay, I will support whichever one of them runs on a platform of building a wall around the whole state.

That will be awesome.

6 thoughts on “I’m Going to Buy Susan Lynn a Large Gun

  1. As we used to tell a cousin of mine, back in the day, when he was gerrymandered into Newt Gingrich’s district, “at least you get to vote against him.” Or her, in your case.

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