Massive Roundup of Interesting Stuff

1. I am going to this house. Soon. Very soon. I don’t know how soon, soon, but soon.

2. The last two lines of this are so perfect that I about wanted to applaud. You rarely see someone pull that kind of humor off that well. But when they do? It’s beautiful.

3. My town is so cool.

4. This makes me wish I knew where MIR gallery is.

5. If you look closely, you can see my co-worker’s house. Also, I love “courtesy of Chris Wage.” Tickles me so much. Seeing Chris’s name. Not Chris actually. Let’s face it. I’m at the age where being tickled is going to result in me peeing my pants and then throwing up on you. Only a small number of fetishists want that.

6. We’re at the point where the people on our side are not sure whether women have the same right to deny surgery that men do. Scary.

7. I think folks sometimes forget the real-world implications of legislation. This post is pretty important for folks to read. The fact that people are concerned $500 might be too much to charge a person for violating an order of protection is just scary.

8. Mary J. Blige doing Zep?! I just cannot wait.

9. Briley for TNDP chair? Hmm.

10. Oh, come on, Woods! Why don’t you just ask Lynn whether Beavers hates her because she’s beautiful? Or thin? Or because all the boys like her? WTF? You going to go ask Mike Turner if he’s afraid Ty Cobb is cuter than he is?

11. Well, hell, maybe a Kittenwar! for state legislators would be amusing. Still, you don’t ask the contestants.

4 thoughts on “Massive Roundup of Interesting Stuff

  1. You’re totally welcome at my haint house anytime. We’ll have a cookout and light some candles… a springtime seance with picnic food! What could be more Southern?

  2. Oh, well, if I could read I could see that Briley’s not running for Chair. He’s running for Forrester’s seat. That’s not as exciting.

  3. If anyone could redeem “Whole Lotta Love,” a proposition I consider unlikely, I would be Mary J. Blige.

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