Shoot, I Forgot to Tell Y’all the Best News!

One, I have crocuses blooming in my yard! I have to take pictures. They’re so gorgeous.

Two, the story that I read to y’all the other night? With revisions, it got accepted to this awesome online journal. Woo hoo!

(I’m not sure if this means I’ve revised my feelings on crocuses or not. I still feel like they may just be really expensive, beautiful squirrel food. Of course, if I had some animals that… Oh my god, did I tell you people that we have a mouse in the house? That all three cats at one point last night caught and paraded around and then let go for someone else to catch? Three cats caught it. Three cats let it go. The mouse still lives. IN MY HOUSE. I had to fire the whole lot of them. Ridiculous. But, as you can see, there’s no hope for them actually keeping squirrels away from the crocuses.)

5 thoughts on “Shoot, I Forgot to Tell Y’all the Best News!

  1. I just read Jeffrey Eugenides’ Middlesex for my book club. If you haven’t read it, do, and then you’ll understand the O’Keefian jumble of images in my mind at the moment.

  2. Yay on the crocuses! I have about two dozen daffodils in bloom. The first one to bloom a squirrel chewed off, but the others showed up the following day, in solidarity. In the front, of course. Though I did see a couple of buds starting to form in the back. Oh, and I think the other bluebells are starting to put up some green bits, or else something else has decided to sprout in one of the two places I planted them.

    And are you sure the mouse is still around? Most mice, after a mauling like that, pick up and leave.

  3. I don’t know if our crocuses made it or what. They’re planted but nothing yet (on the other hand, we had almost a constant min of 5-10 (as much as 18 back in dec) inches of snow on the ground at any given point this winter so maybe they’re just having a slow start.

  4. I have about 30 purple crocuses blooming right now, but only a few daffodils. More daffodils and some lilies are poking up out of the ground, though. And congrats on the article!

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