Wild Hairs

I really adore my gray hairs, in part because they’re silver and I love the idea that my head can spit out something shiny and beautiful. Also, because my gray hairs are totally “fuck it! Life is too short to behave.” So, I was trying to get some pictures for you, but I finally figured out that they needed to be in front of something dark so that the silver would stand out.

Everything else about aging is, at least for now, hard to notice. It happens in such small increments. But the gray hairs! That makes it real to me.

5 thoughts on “Wild Hairs

  1. I’m keeping an eye on mine as they multiply. I’m crossing my fingers for a silver streak. I think that would be crazy cool. Or maybe just crazy?

  2. I’m so glad this is a positive post about gray hairs, because ever since I found my first silvery one a few months ago I’ve been hoping more show up. Some people see them as a bad thing; I see them as signs of the wisdom that comes with living life openly and unafraid. I hope I get more.

  3. My girlfriend started going magnificently silver at age 25 – by now she has awesome silver streaks at both temples, and lots of silver scattered through her hair. I’m 35 and don’t have any grey hair at all. Ripped off!

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