Naked Irises

I have been taking pictures regularly of my crocuses, as you know, so I have also been keeping an eye on the irises in that bed. I went out there today and someone/thing had uncovered all of the iris rhizomes. They weren’t pulled out of the ground. They were just all dirt-free.

Who would do such a thing? And why? None of the irises in any of my other beds seem to be suffering in this way. I recovered them, but I wonder if I should put more dirt on them or what?

Have you ever heard of such a thing?

A Few Short Things

1. I have had a couple of hilarious things up at Pith, that make me laugh when I reread them, and neither have comments. There are 6 billion people in the world. Someone else has to find me as funny as I do, right? And don’t go over there and give me your pity comments now. That’ll make it even worse! Ha, on a more serious note, it’s funny. People will talk smack about what a bitch you are when you throw up a scathing rant, but folks will comment like it’s going out of style. You write some stuff that’s funnier or less angry and nothing. I think the truth is that people both like to respond to angry rants AND to get to complain about what a bitch you are. I don’t know. It’s just interesting to me.

2. One of my lupine seeds is just breaking the surface of the dirt in my room. It looks like a tiny green knuckle rising up through the dirt. I just planted everything on Sunday, so today seems very, very early to see anything, especially since we’ve had no sunny days streaming in through that window. But I was still glad to see it. It’s weird, but I honestly cannot wrap my head around seeds. How are they alive? Is there cell division? Doesn’t seem like it. It’s like, there’s nothing happening, then you add dirt, water, and sun and… I don’t know. I can live in the most sciency part of human history and I still cannot wrap my head around how something that seems inert can “know” that this is when you start to grow. I mean, how does it work? Is it a matter of the water seeping in and hydrating dormant cells? I don’t know. The more I watch it happen, the weirder it seems.

3. If Phil Williams fucks the County Clerk’s office up and causes us to have to have a new county clerk, I’m going to be pissed. That’s one government agency that seems to be working very well.

4. How is this not a PR disaster for the Farm Bureau? “We can’t bother to have some basic protections for livestock we know are being harmed because it might inconvenience a few people.” That’s their stance? People who abuse animals also abuse their families. There is a direct correlation. Stepping in and identifying them and punishing them in a way that has some weight behind it just makes sense. Almost all of the farmers in Tennessee are not abusive assholes. They have nothing to fear from this legislation. But it makes you wonder about the people who make up the lobby, doesn’t it? If regular farmers have nothing to fear and tons of people in the state are clamoring for this, a gal starts to wonder about what’s going on with the people working against this.

Speak Softy, the Butcher is Sleeping

Oops. The Butcher told me he was going to be out all night celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and that he would see me tomorrow (today). So, I locked up and went to bed. Then I got up and called my dad and spoke loudly all over the house. I yelled at the cats who were all meowing like it was going out of style. I sang a little song. I laughed loudly at some stuff I read online.

And I just glanced into the Butcher’s room and see a large lump in his bed.

Ugh.  I hope he slept through all that.