In Which I Shake My Fist at the Patriarchy

I thought this thought–“If Luke and Patience weren’t married until they got to Michigan, how did Patience get to Michigan?” A young man could, conceivably, take off by himself to live in the wilderness. A young white woman is not going to. She’s going to come with someone.

So, I look through all the Simmonses. None are the right age to have a daughter Patience’s age. But I’m looking at the census record for Cyrenius Simmons and who do I see not two lines above him? Abigail Semmons, says But it’s clearly Simmons. And she’s the right age to have kids Patience’s age. And there are two girls living in her household roughly the right age to be Patience.

I even found that Cyrenius had to petition the Michigan state government to give control of Abigail’s land to Abigail so that she could distribute it to her children. And so I reckoned that she was a widow. And what did I find? That her husband, Gamaliel Simmons, died in 1828, probably shortly after they got to Michigan and got their land settled.

I even found them back in New York, in Bristol, on the Phelps (& other dude) settlement. They went to church with a Luther Phillips, but I don’t know if that’s just a coincidence.

After Abigail got her land problems settled, she remarried, this time to Uriah Hungerford.

She HAS to be Patience’s mom. I am just almost so damn sure. But I’d like to see a better record of how her land got split up. If we found Luke and Patience living on part of it, there’d be no question.

I’m just not quite sure how to figure that out. I’ll have to dig some more.

But, Patriarchy, I shake my fist at you because, due to your nonsense, it’s very difficult to follow and figure out female ancestors. It shouldn’t be that hard to draw a line between Abigail and Patience, if there is one to draw, but there’s just a leap a tad too far for me to make.

Also, I haven’t heard back from the Oakland county folks, which annoys me.

On the other hand, talking some smack about these two seems to have shaken a few nuts loose.

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