Oooooooo. Scandal!

Or not.

But I just heard back from the Oakland County Clerk’s office and they have no record of Luke and Patience Phillips’s marriage.

Edited to add: So, this is a little more curious. The State only has records going back to 1867, so, obviously, Luke and Patience aren’t going to be there. And I think it makes sense that Oakland County doesn’t have a record, since I’m guessing they were married somewhere between 1829-1831 (when Luke got there and when their first kid was born) and Oakland County, at that point, was wilderness. They may have just stood up in front of some witnesses and had a preacher hitch them with no more record of it than a Bible entry, if that.  But then, where is getting the 1860 date for their marriage? I don’t know.

In the end, this doesn’t really mean much, except that I can’t hope for a marriage record that will tel me who their parents were.

One thought on “Oooooooo. Scandal!

  1. Metro Nashville insists that my house was built in 1926 (the year there was first a survey of East Nashville real estate, I believe), although architectural details show it to be from the 1890s, and there are records of it having been built around 1896. GIGO, you know.

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