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In Mike Turner’s case, it’s just hypothetical, but I swear, he acts like a blogger.

Asked his view on the Health Freedom Act, which orders Attorney General Bob Cooper to sue to overturn any federal mandate to buy insurance, Turner said: “I have one thing to say about that: Appomattox.”

“We’ve got a lot of bills on states’ rights here, state sovereignty and all that,” he added. “We went through that fight once before. All of a sudden, we have a black man elected president and everybody wants to start acting like something’s wrong with our country. I didn’t agree with a lot of things George Bush did, but I wasn’t ready to secede from the union.”

Asked to elaborate afterward, Turner said, “I think some of the people who are against Obama are just against Obama because he’s African-American.”

Ramsey spokesman Lance Frizzell called Turner’s comments “bizarre name-calling” and said they show “why Democrats are losing ground in Tennessee.”

I have a feeling Obama-care is going to end up a lot like pre-marital sex in Tennessee. Everyone gets in on it, but only the Democrats cop to it; the Republicans rail against it every chance they get while slipping in the back door every chance they get.

And I’m starting to love Jamie Hollin a little bit, calling folks out on his blog who need it.

$114,332 is the median income of 24 of the top 200 highest salaries in Metro Government in 2009, which all belong to administrators in MNPS.  See Nashville Today, August 6, 2009.  12% of the top 200.  The total number for these 24 individuals is $2,990,392. Seemingly there’s room available at the top to cut before even considering cutting the men and women at the bottom.

I mean, seriously. How can MNPS even show its face talking about cutting jobs for janitors when they’ve got folks making over $100,000 on the budget? Have people no shame? It’s a public school system. Those are taxpayer dollars. And the best use of taxpayer dollars that the school system can come up with is to insure that 24 folks on their payroll are in the top 7% of the population in terms of earnings?

I’m all for public servants making a comfortable living, but they get to be rich on my dollar while custodians and school bus drivers face cuts?

It’s kind of obscene. Top 7%. Jesus.

8 thoughts on “Political Bloggers

  1. Everyone gets in on it, but only the Democrats cop to it; the Republicans rail against it every chance they get while slipping in the back door every chance they get.

    You win the internet today, B. The whole damn thing.

    Oh, and Jamie Hollin is great. I wish more elected officials were using social media as effectively as he is.

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  3. Have you heard about NYC’s debachle? They’re trying to stop distributing free Metrocards to students. In a city where a large number of students commute to school and where only half actually graduate from HS, I’m thinking making it harder for kids to attend is probably a bad idea.

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