7 thoughts on “Christy Frink Has Scared the Carp out of Me

  1. My brother works for the Army Corps of Engineers or else the Dept. of the Interior (I can never remember, he’s worked for both) and I couldn’t believe it when he told me about these fish, I thought he was making it up. It’s BAD. They have found DNA traces of them in the Great Lakes, coming up the Illinois River and the Cal-Sag Channel into Lake Michigan, and he says it will be DISASTROUS if they get a foothold there. There is talk about putting an electronic barrier in places to stop them, but of course people with boats on the Fox River don’t want it. It might already be too late.

  2. Pardon my jingoism, but I can’t wait until one of these carp runs across Ictalurus punctatus, an old-fashioned, bad ass Tennessee River channel catfish.

    The channel cat will eat everything from rotten meat to chicken livers, to chunks of Ivory Soap…to Asian Carp.

    To misquote Ernie Ford: “When you see me comin’ better step aside. A lotta carp didn’t, and a lotta carp died.”

  3. Somewhere on the internet I watched a documentary about those fish, not too long ago. The action shots are astonishing.

  4. Y’all have me thinking that maybe we could train these to leap through the sculpture downtown, to give it a little added excitement.

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