The Daffodils are Almost Here!

10 thoughts on “The Daffodils are Almost Here!

  1. Great pics. I’ve got two blooms on my daffodils and a bunch of hyacinths in pink, yellow, white, and purple. (Did I spell that right?) Come on, Spring. I’m so ready for you!

  2. Looks as though at least some varieties bloom along a well-defined gradient. Our friend Hunter near Leipers Fork had them open last week, ours and neighbors’ all seemed to open last weekend, and perhaps your slightly northern climes are a few days behind.

    Our riotous pair of cherry trees, which Nicki noted in her calendar as having bloomed starting 28 Feb. last year, are just now budding. They will stop traffic once in bloom, maybe even giving the folks on the Gray Line short bus a reason to look at our side of the street as they roll past to gawk Kellie Pickler’s place across from us.

  3. Tom, I think it has to do with what kind they are, too. I know the daffodils I got as a gift are pretty fancy and we have found that everything the couple who lived in the house before us did, they did as fancy as they could afford (when it comes to plants). I suspect that I’m about to find out that, much like the lilies and the irises they left, the daffodils are going to be wild.

    My neighbors, directly north of me, have had regular yellow daffodils for two weeks.

    So, I think it’s a matter of us being north and the types they are.

    I’m also tickled to learn that you and Nikki are taking the Jimmy Martin approach (do you remember how he put his gravestone in years before he died, directly across from Roy Acuff’s to give the people on the right side of the tour bus something to look at?).

  4. Ooo, no I don’t! Isn’t that weird? Even though mine came up before yours? Here will be the curious thing. You’re usually about a week ahead of me. We have the same daffodils, in this case. Will I have buds next week?

  5. B, I don’t know. The buds are on the very first plant to have started peeking up, but in fact that variety started to emerge over a period of about 3 weeks, as if they couldn’t make up their minds about the weather. The other variety just started showing up last week, or maybe 10 days ago. I have the feeling that all of them are feeling a bit odd about being in the south now.

    Bridgett, I’m sending you a virtual bouquet of daffodils (your basic yellow jonquils plus some nice creamy narcissus, plus one with yellow petals and an orange center) right now. I hope they’ll last until your real ones show up.

  6. NM, how are your bluebells doing? I’m still surprised to see buds on the one, because the other kind came up so much earlier, but it seems to have kind of stalled out.

  7. My Virginia bluebells (I think I planted only two of them; at least, only two came up) have nice leaves and on one of them a sort of pod thing that I assume will have blooms in it and on the other a pod that has opened with blooms that haven’t bloomed yet, plus what I think is a new pod starting. The English bluebells … I dunno. I have leaves coming up all over the place but no blooms. At all. So either we got a shipment of defective English bluebells or this stalling out is a natural process that they go through wherever in Davidson County they are planted.

  8. Wait a minute, those stalled out ones were Spanish bluebells, weren’t they? I looked on line and it says they flower in late spring.

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