Today, I am Tickled to be a Democrat

So, as you recall, yesterday Mike Turner did his thing and the Republicans took to the fainting couches and demanded apologies from everyone. When those apologies were not forthcoming, they had a press conference. Yes, a press conference. People. I repeat, the Republicans had a press conference to express their shock and outrage that anyone would dare suggest that some people have issues with Obama being black. No word on whether there were staffers with fans to flutter at them as they had to recount their shock and outrage, but they did briskly call the press conference to a close, according to Woods, when asked about the racist behavior of certain folks this weekend.

When he was asked about the tea party protesters who heckled and spit at Democratic House members, including various civil rights icons, over the weekend in Washington, Mumpower called an abrupt end to his big media event and walked briskly out of the room.

Outside the Legislative Plaza’s dingy little pressroom, Turner just delivered his retort:

“All I said was some people are against Obama because he’s African American. That’s all I said. If that strikes a little too close for comfort for them, that’s not my fault. They need to have a little self-soul searching on that. This is a party that hasn’t had a real initiative since the Emancipation Proclamation. They’re the party of no. And they’re trying to make me the bad guy in this. If they’re having a hard time sleeping at night, it’s not my problem. They need to go talk to their priest or their preacher about that.”

We don’t think that was an apology.

Now, in order to really savor what comes next, you must understand that the rumors about the feud between Gary Odom and Mike Turner have approached legendary status. So, I’m sure that when the Republicans called on Odom to denounce Turner, they thought they were laying too tempting a piece of bait out for Odom to resist.

But what happened?

Odom just fucking rocks it. Fucking rocks it.

I like it. It’s nice to see Democrats with a little swagger and on the offense.

I’m sure the conservatives are about to concern-troll the fuck out of this whole thing, but I’m going to enjoy it in the meantime.